A Pickleball Court’s Worst Enemy

Water can be a pickleballs court’s worst enemy.

Not only can water come in different forms of precipitation, but from under the court as well. This can lead to unsafe playing conditions while also jeopardizing this long-term integrity of the surface. This is why proper base preparation is so important.

court damage from water     court damage from water     court damage from water

To prevent these issues, we at DeShayes Pickleball Courts implement a slope that is so miniscule it is practically invisible to the naked eye while remaining crucial in making sure storm water is managed correctly. This will ensure your family’s safety and allow you to enjoy many more days playing on your court no matter the weather.

Founder and owner Joe DeShayes teaches an accredited course to the American Society of Landscape Architects on the proper design and construction of all types of courts. We were also recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and London Times in articles about clients building professional sports courts. Joe is an expert in base preparation as relates to drainage.

If you would like a pickle ball court at your home give us a call or use our intake form and we would be happy to review the process and budgets.

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