Purchasing Your First Pickleball Paddle

The three most important key aspects to consider when you are purchasing your very first pickleball paddle.

    1. Price – A good composite starting pickleball paddle usually starts around fifty dollars.
    2. Weight – This is the most important factor when deciding what kind of paddle, you would like. The paddles range from six to fourteen ounces however, the most common being six to nine ounces.
    3. Grip Size – Its important for your paddle to have the correct grip size so that it fits the circumference of your hand. In the figure below, you can see that the bottom pictures their grips are either loose or tight. Whereas the top pictures you can perfectly place your finger between the tips of your fingers and your palm.




Over 3 million Americans currently enjoy the game, and you can find a court near you by going to https://www.places2play.org/.

If you would like a pickle ball court at your home give us a call  or use our intake form and we would be happy to review the process and budgets.

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