Modular Sport Tile Overlay For Various Athletic Courts

It is not a matter of IF your asphalt tennis court surface will crack,
but WHEN.


An increasingly popular way to cover these unsightly cracks is to lay modular sport tiles/panels over top of cracks and entire court. The innovative tile design and unique six-point locking system creates a seamless playing surface that allows for consistent ball bounce and response along with unmatched playability. These tiles are fast draining and have an open grid surface making them an ideal court surface. They are aesthetically pleasing, require little maintenance and are comfortable and safe for children to play on. The colorful tiles can be painted with different colored lines allowing for multiple sports to be played on your court. They have exceptional durability and an attractive appearance.


Tiles are molded from a specially blended high impact Copolymer Polypropylene that protects against fracturing during intensive play, while UV stabilizer and antioxidant additives are included to defend against color fading and deterioration of the tiles. The six-point locking system clicks together easily to keep the tile flat preventing them from turning or curling up. The tiles measure 10”x10”. Reverse Spring Tension expansion joints and a spring tabbing mechanism allow for side-to-side movement. This movement provides forgiveness for players’ lower back, knees and joints. Tiles come with a 16-year warranty.



A wide selection of color options is available as well as customizable lines logos and graphics to give your court its own unique aesthetic.


It is time to put frequent costly crack repair behind you and start enjoying your beautiful new court!

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