Announcing the launch of

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed Tennis Court Conversions website. Visit us at today!

We have been experiencing a high demand for these types of jobs, so we have been hard at work creating a new easy to navigate, user friendly site that addresses all your tennis court resurfacing, court repair and court conversion needs in one place.


As a leader in court design and court maintenance, it is important for us to make information regarding our services and trends easily available for our current and prospective clients. As court consultants, we here at DeShayes Dream Courts pride ourselves on offering the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge in the court construction industry.



The new site features a breakdown of tennis and other court conversions, types of tennis court bases, different ways to resurface tennis and sport courts and court repair.



You can expect to get Insight into our company, photos highlighting our previous and current work, FAQs, and a new contact form that will get you in touch with a Court consultant more directly and get your project started even faster!

Please feel free to share with your friends and if you have any questions our owner and court consultant, Joe DeShayes, is always available at 856-429-5445 or visit us at

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