Adding Pickleball to An Existing Tennis Court

Pickleball is exploding in popularity. A question we often get asked is can you add pickleball to an existing tennis court. The answer? Absolutely!

This client in Amber, PA was looking to add not one but two pickleball courts on either side of their existing residential tennis court. DeShayes Dream Courts was able to add a new base and lines without interfering with the integrity of the original tennis court.

2 coats of dark green nova court coatings were applied with a squeegee


New lines were taped out and painted. Sand was also added to the pickleball lines. The reason for this is in tennis if the ball hits the line, it is considered out. However, in pickleball if the ball hits the line, it’s still in so it was very important to distinguish between the two.


Portable pickleball nets were installed allowing the owners to seamlessly switch between whichever game they choose.


For more information on this type of project or if you are considering a stand alone pickleball court for your home please use our contact form or call 1-877-928-4653 today!


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  1. Can 2 pickle ball courts be placed on a tennis court

    What would the cost be for a complete job

    This would be own a city tennis court at the city park

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